TransUnion invests in and partners with FinLocker to aid consumers with the mortgage process

TransUnion invests in and partners with FinLocker to aid consumers with the mortgage process

Credit score company TransUnion has made a $20m Series A-1 investment into personal finance app FinLocker, alongside the establishment of a new commercial partnership agreement.

How does the mortgage approval process work? (and how to get approved fast!)

In this episode, we discuss how the mortgage approval process works step by step and how to get approved faster. ��Get your FREE INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE: How to Finance your Home

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Thinking about or ready to get a mortgage approval? What are the steps involved? What do you need to prepare? In this episode, we discuss how the mortgage approval works and the steps involved throughout the home buying process. We also explore mortgage approval requirements including the 5 C’s of credit that the bank or lender use. Finally, we talk about mortgage approval impacts to credit score, how long it takes to get approved and questions to ask your lender.
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27:37 Payoff Plan & Where I Got the Idea
28:00 Why I Got Back in Debt…

Understanding Your Credit Report With TransUnion

Learn How You Could Qualify for $1,500 from a Settlement with One of the Top Three Credit Reporting Agencies

Mortgage Fees for GOOD credit??? Biden’s Socialized mortgage program

Join Ken and Danille as they discuss the new loan fees that will be imposed on mortgages. Starting May 1, 2023, homebuyers with a credit score of 680 or higher will have to pay about $40 per month more than those with worse credit when taking out a $400,000 home loan. The rule will impact mortgages from private banks across the U.S. based on loan-level price adjustments established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. High-credit consumers with scores ranging from 680 to above 780 will see a spike in mortgage costs, with the biggest increases being felt by those who put 15% to 20% down on a home. The rule goes into effect just ahead of the peak spring buying season. Don’t miss the chance to hear from Ken and Danille regarding this new situation – Come join the discussion live at 11AM Arizona Time, 11AM PST, and 2PM EST.

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