Digital identity app Dashlane secures $30m debt financing

Digital identity app Dashlane secures $30m debt financing

Password and digital identity solution provider Dashlane secured $30m in a debt financing round.

Let’s talk about password managers! Interview with Dashlane

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�� Hello and welcome back to, a source for reliable cybersecurity advice, news and opinion. We’ve got a special guest joining us today all the way from Dashlane — Stan Kocken! Stan is the Lead Architect at Dashlane and has been in this field for quite a while now, so we’re really excited to meet him and to hear about his experiences in the world of password managers.

Our Senior Information Security Researcher Mantas Sasnauskas sat down for an interview with Stan to learn more about Dashlane, password managers and the threats that make password managers an absolute necessity.


Did you know?

➡️ 2021 studies have shown the most commonly used passwords globally are 123456, 123456789 and 12345.
➡️ Dashlane’s dark web service scans more than 12 billion records, adding almost a million new records every day.
➡️ Dashlane does not store your Master Password anywhere on their servers, and it is never transmitted over the internet. Even authentication hashes to enable new devices are not stored. You must enter a 2FA code each time you log into a new device.
➡️ An attacker that possesses your password could not access your account if they aren’t able to provide the second factor (2fa method.)
➡️ The Password Changer works locally, therefore users data does not go through any Dashlane servers & devices communicate directly with the websites you are changing passwords for.
➡️ Password variations are still widely used and easy for a cybercriminal to guess. For example, adding “FB” for Facebook’s password, or “TW” for Twitter’s.
➡️ Credential stuffing attacks work on a large scale, using automated bots and lists of compromised data. These attacks benefit from the assumption that people use password variations or reused passwords across different accounts.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Common mistakes when creating passwords
2:04 Credential stuffing attacks
3:54 How is Dashlane monitoring databases for leaked credentials
5:29 Where are Dashlane passwords stored?
7:15 How has the password manager industry advanced?
7:59 The next milestone
9:05 Dashlane research
10:33 Weak password commonalities

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Revealing Our New Brand

Believe in a radically easier internet. Let’s go there together.
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About Dashlane: Dashlane is a mobile and desktop app that gives you a shortcut for everything you do online. Log in instantly, fly through forms, and breeze through checkouts on every device you own. Dashlane works across every operating system, device, and browser, opening the walled gardens that normally inhibit our digital experience.

Our team in Paris, New York, and Lisbon is united by our passion for improving the digital experience and the belief that with the right tools, we can help everyone realize the promise of the internet. Dashlane has empowered over 12 million users in 180 countries to dash across the internet without compromising on security.

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Dashlane Password Manager Review

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If you’ve got an online presence and don’t use a password manager, sooner or later, you might find your accounts compromised! The problem is, you can’t just use any password manager, it has to be the best password manager for your online habits.

Thankfully, in this dashlane review 2022 edition, I’m going to be taking a thorough look underneath Dashlane’s hood to see how it holds up in today’s market…
Dashlane Family review ➡️
Is Dashlane safe?

�� Over the past couple of years, I’ve tested several password managers, and I’ve got to say Dashlane packs a punch in terms of security practises. Most impressively, their architecture is zero-trust so – not even their own employees can see your passwords. All of your data is neatly locked behind strong, practically unbreakable encryption, using your master password as a key.

�� If I was to talk about the storing of passwords – Dashlane passwords are never sent to a server, they’re only used locally. Basically, it’s never transmitted over the internet. Even authentication hashes are not stored, which a lot of other services do. This is an extremely secure approach.

�� On that note, one of the main things you need to have is two-factor authentication. Dashlane doesn’t just slum it with “regular” two-factor authentication, it has multi-factor. It can even merge with mainstream authenticators, which I find super convenient. Meaning, no one can access your account without physically having this authentication method.
Noteworthy security features:

✍️ Furthermore, their list of security features is long and pretty comprehensive in comparison to other market leaders.

✍️ The first one is Dark Web Monitoring. Using this feature, Dashlane password manager is always scanning the dark web for any potential leaks that your passwords would have appeared in. If they have, you can use their strong password generator to create a super-strong password that literally can’t be guessed!

✍️ You can also use Dashlane to keep your online activity hidden from any prying eyes, by using their VPN! Dashlane is one of the few password managers that has its own VPN, which just puts it slightly above the curve.

✍️ You can actually give someone limited access to certain passwords in a safe and secure way! It’s also cool that you can specify the level of access you grant when sharing passwords in general.
Dashlane pros:
✅ Long list of security features
✅ Option to update hundreds of passwords instantly
✅ Syncs across all devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
✅ Clean and user-friendly layout
✅ Built-in VPN protection in Premium plan
✅ Monitors the Dark Web for leaked logins

Dashlane cons:
⛰ More expensive than some competing password managers
⛰ Limited functionality in Free plan
⛰ Limited web app functionality
➡️ Final word: As someone who’s tested his fair share of password managers, I can say that Dashlane has to be one of the most user-friendly, feature-packed password managers! Don’t just take my word for it, feel free to give it a try.
0:00 Intro
0:36 Is Dashlane safe?
2:34 Noteworthy security features
4:09 Ease of use on various platforms
5:40 Is Dashlane worth the price?
7:11 Should you consider Dashlane?

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Dashlane Overview – Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

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Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses across all platforms and devices. It empowers organizations to protect company and employee data and facilitates logging in to the different accounts—anytime, anywhere. It provides admin tools and features for password monitoring, user management and reporting, policy management, and directory integration.

0:00 – Dashlane Intro
0:43 – What is Dashlane?
2:48 – Dashlane Alternatives
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