Pngme gears up hiring efforts following Series A close

Pngme gears up hiring efforts following Series A close

Pngme, a financial data management platform, has closed its Series A round on $15m to support the growth of its global team.

GMG Event: Girth Gear Asset Management Strategies

Girth gears are critical assets on most mine sites, driving mills, kilns and dryers. Managing these assets properly is critical to avoid tail risk high impact downtime. A basic structure for managing girth gears is presented through the typical lifecycle, with an emphasis on an RCM approach to maintenance. Typical girth gear failure modes are reviewed along with how they can be prevented, and detected. A detailed example of proper management of a cracked girth gear is presented, showcasing the strategy.

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The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is a network of like-minded companies driving change in the mining industry. Together, we monitor the pulse of the industry and develop multi-disciplinary guidelines and strategies to manage risk, enhance performance, design solutions, inform planning and decision making, and save time and money. Our members are mining companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original technology manufacturers (OTMs), research organizations and consultants from around the world who recognize that innovation does not happen in silos. GMG improves communication and facilitates collaboration to foster a more sustainable and efficient future for mining. Our multi-stakeholder working groups address topics such as interoperability, data access and usage, artificial intelligence, autonomous equipment, underground communication, battery-electric equipment and comminution efficiency in mining.

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Bad Cube GRUMP (Masterpiece Gears): EmGo’s Transformers Reviews N’ Stuff

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Closed-Loop Gear Machining Cell at PRI 2015

Mike Finn, National Applications Engineer Manager at Mazak Corporation, explains how a closed-loop gear machining cell cuts a straight bevel gear from our booth at PRI 2015.

Equipment Involved:

– INTEGREX i-100ST Multi-Tasking Machine
– Off-the-shelf cutting tools (custom tooling is not necessary)
– Renishaw Modus Inspection Software
– AIMS Revolution HB 5.9.4. Coordinate Measuring System (CMM)
– Dontyne Gear Software

Gears & Gear Manufacturing

Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program introduces many primary gear terms and definitions, including involute curve, base circle, pitch circle, pitch point, line of action, outside circle, root circle, and many others. Also featured are the various gear forms, functions, axis positions, and gear machining and finishing processes.
The gear machining methods segment features detailed examinations of hobbing, shaping, broaching, and milling.

The gear finishing processes segment explains the benefits of finishing operations and highlights the shaving, honing, form grinding, and involute-generation grinding processes.

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