Mainframe modernisation: the new era of cloud migration


Mainframe modernisation: the new era of cloud migration

Michael Breashears, Account Director at Contino, speaks off the back of the webinar panel on “Mainframe modernisation: the new era of cloud migration”, and discusses what's driving this shift, how the industry is responding, and the key challenges that come with it.

Mainframe Replatforming to AWS – AWS Virtual Workshop

In this webinar, you will learn how to rapidly exit the mainframe platform using short term migration patterns and explicitly dive deep into the middleware emulation pattern. Middleware emulation replaces mainframe middleware APIs and operating system APIs required by the application to run on AWS, followed by a detailed demo demonstrating end to end migration approach including analyzing the mainframe assets, generating COBOL binaries, migrating the VSAM data to Aurora PostgreSQL, deploying the resulting application on emulator, and finally testing the migrated application.

Learning objective:
* Learn how to rapidly exit the mainframe platform using short term migration patterns and explicitly dive deep into the middleware emulation pattern.

FinextraTV: Mainframe modernisation: The cloud shift

Bjoern Langmack, Global App Modernization & Migration leader, Deloitte and Steve Steuart, Global Head of Mainframe Migration and Modernization, AWS, the process before deciding to modernize mainframes on the cloud, why now is the right time to modernize, how is the industry responding, and some of the key challenges to migrating and modernizing mainframe workloads.

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Mainframe Modernization: Where Do I Start?

June 25, 2020

The pressure to migrate off of legacy mainframe computing infrastructure is increasing at an exponential rate. This pressure is exacerbated by three main factors: Increasing costs to maintain mainframe systems, a shrinking talent pool, and the need to utilize all of the benefits of cloud computing (AI, ML, predictive analytics, etc.)

After successfully completing over 200 mainframe modernization projects, Astadia has a deep understating of these complex systems. We want to take some time to reflect and share our knowledge with you.  

In this multi-part webinar series, we share our secrets on how to successfully transition applications and retire your mainframe systems. We walk you through the entire mainframe modernization journey; from initial discovery and planning, selecting best tools and partners for your use case, deciding which of the “R’s” you should use, and integrating your newly modernized applications to your existing development environment. This series leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

In this session, we will walk you through:
– Creating your roadmap
– Anticipating issues that may arise
– Leveraging Modernization Assessments & Workshops to get started on the right track

The goal of this session is to answer the question: Where do I start? Sometimes this can be the most challenging question of the entire mainframe modernization journey.
Astadia is an industry leader providing core software solutions, know-how, and support for complex mainframe-to-cloud migration and modernization projects. With over 30 years of experience, demonstrated solutions, and high-performing software tools, we help enterprises and government organizations boost their innovation capacity, competitiveness and agility by accelerating their digital transformation.
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Migrating & Modernizing Mainframe to Google Cloud

Jason Mar – Google

Bring your mainframe applications onto an agile cloud platform and run them securely around the world, plus
reduce your infrastructure costs. Maximize your business potential with a reliable, less costly, more flexible and scalable mainframe migration strategy. Rapidly address your customer needs at scale without sacrificing functionality, security, or compliance.

In general, understand when to migrate versus modernize

-Migration: Move your existing apps to Azure in an optimized way—without code changes—using a lift-and-shift migration. As-is app migration to cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) helps you flip capital expenditures to operational expenditures and quickly gain agility and scale.

-Modernization: Modify or extend your app to further scale and optimize for cloud-native architectures. Take advantage of platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities such as built-in security, patching, high availability, and auto-scaling